Autonumber in Sql-Server.?

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Thread: Autonumber in Sql-Server.?

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    Default Autonumber in Sql-Server.?

    Hello guys,<BR><BR>what if i want to make any number autonumber in sql server-2000.? I tried this query in ms-access and it is running.<BR>create table tablename (id counter,name text)<BR>but it gives error in ms-sql server 2000. so with what i should replace with counter in sql server .? i using counter in ms-access and it is running so what i should use in ms-sql server.?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR>Umesh

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    Default Trigger Happy?<eom>


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    Default Set Field to ID Field, it wil auto increment

    Or if you are using a SQL command to create the table the data type is "Counter"

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