Hi Bill,<BR><BR>refering to your help last week and suggestions I would appreciate any further direction on the following.<BR><BR>I have an array table created by ASP from the database I assume it creates eg a tag delimited .txt file from the table.<BR>array1 contains the fields i want such as<BR>sitename &#124 sitedescription &#124 site photo &#124 site url &#124 site ID (auto generated) &#124 site category<BR>the categories are 1-7 bars, restaurants, places of interest, pools, accomodation, car hire, beaches<BR><BR>All the variables must be written into the daatbase or a .txt file so that they are stored if the server reboots eg. <BR>Server generates new index page every 24hrs. to show a new site as site of the day fromt he list in the array, new place of interest for the day and the last three sites added.<BR>Before the server issues the Index page it must check to see if it needs updating, set certain variables such as indicate the number of times the refresh has occured. ie &#039;UPDATE&#039;= UPDATE +1 (for each update) <BR>get the number of records in the array set variable &#039;RECORDS&#039;= number of array records ( records= site ID LastRow)<BR><BR>I had several thoughts here;<BR>first set a variable such as &#039;datenow&#039; to a date ie 14/04/03 next check the &#039;datenow&#039; to the date on the server. If it is the same as todays then show index.html if not refresh the index.html ( To add a new site of the day etc...) and set UPDATE =UPDATE+1<BR>or<BR>set a counter to count to 24hrs end of 24 hours counter resets and the index page is refreshed and set UPDATE =UPDATE+1<BR>or<BR>date of index page = date today if yes diaplay index if not refresh index page and UPDATE=UPDATE+1<BR>#########<BR>site of the day update and place of interest update<BR>set variable SD(site of day) and SSD (selected site of day) <BR><BR>if UPDATE or MSD1 or MSD2 is &#062;RECORDS then UPDATE =1 and SD and SSD =1 else SD= MSD1and SSD =MSD2 UPDATE =UPDATE(this checks to ensure update is not exceeding number of records in array)<BR>to show next site of the day from the array<BR>if then else Loop<BR>get the record corresponding to SD<BR>display site of the day subject to SD and filter, show records- &#039;sitename, description, photo, url&#039; filter using category 1,2,4,5,6,7 If record is category 3 then SD =SD+1 redo loop.<BR>MSD1=SD set variable to remember SD final increment value <BR>#####################<BR>to show the place of interest site of the day from the array<BR>if then else loop<BR>get the record corresponding to SSD<BR>display place of interest subject to SSD and filter, show records- &#039;sitename, description, photo, url&#039; filter using category 3 if record not category 3 then SSD =SSD+1 redo loop<BR>MSD2=SSD set variable to remember SSD final increment value<BR>The idea of the above is that there will be records that have an ID but don&#039;t correspond with the category selected and therefore the next record will need to be shown. <BR>#################<BR>Updating the last three entered site details<BR>Using your code the server pulls only the last three records from the array and displays them.<BR><BR>This to me all looks straightforward enough but I am lacking the knowledge to implement it. All the programing will need to be done on the index page, in the database? or in the server? how do i get the server to run programs write the array as a .txt file and call the database? any idea on sites that can give me some background info into what i am trying to achieve? I have been reading the data on SSI but it is for specific examples and I haven&#039;t seen all the options for commands such as you used LastrRow... <BR><BR>regards<BR>non essential message follows<BR>#####<BR><BR>I see you replied to me after i left lasrt week, sorry i missed it. I have been away on a school trip with a coach load of kids on a trip to parga and sites in the pelopenese in Greece. So i only had a limited time to sit down and figure out your advice and read up on some tutorials i downloaded off the web. Books in english are hard to come by here! and my Greek is limited..<BR>It was an interesting story about enders game and I agree the document you have is nonetheless important for it being photostated! I really enjoyed that book. My brother is the space expert, he&#039;s a lecturer at imperial uni in London and is often over in the states on seminars, i was always the sci fi fan though! <BR>Firstly the thank you for you example, however the calling of the site corresponding to todays date is not quite what i had in mind. Following your previous replies suggesting an array i had the following thoughts on how it would work, but i am limited because of my understanding of programming (the last time was &#039;basic&#039; on a BBC acorn computer and the heady days of the sinclair ZX81!), and how certain aspects on the server work.<BR>nevertheless..<BR>