XML/XSLT Rendering probs in IE5

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Thread: XML/XSLT Rendering probs in IE5

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    Default XML/XSLT Rendering probs in IE5

    Hi<BR><BR>I am having problems outputing XML data in IE5.0. The XML data is written to a Session variable and has an XSLT stylesheet linked to it and I then use Response.Write to output the final sheet of data. <BR><BR>The problem is that the data within the XML file is not showing but the layout specifcied in the XSLT file is showing fine, so its liek an empty form.<BR><BR>In IE6 the sheet of data shows up perfectly.<BR><BR>I was wondering if the IE5&#039;s XML parser was rather different to the one in IE6 which causes this problem or if it was some other problem.<BR><BR>Amy help at all on shedding light on this would be really great<BR><BR>Cheers<BR>John

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    Default Look down.


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