&#060;intro&#062;In an ideal world (not this locked down coporate one) I&#039;d be able to figure this out for myself by trial and error, but on this occasion, I have to tell someone else what I need, without being able to do any hands on research. go figure&#060;/intro&#062;<BR><BR>OS: NT4.0 Server - SP6<BR>I have an asp page that is doing a couple of things:<BR><BR>1) Searching a Win2k Active Directory. The code looks like this:<BR> Set User = GetObject("WinNT://domain/username,user")<BR> Response.Write User.HomeDirectory<BR><BR>2) Using ASPExec(from serverobjects) running a dos program that searches directories on remote servers for acl files.<BR><BR>I have a priveleged account that I want this asp page to run under. I have been trying to get an admin guy to edit "Allow ..to interact withe desktop" tab of the "World Wide Web Publishing Service" under (Control Panels &#062; Services). Apparently, the local build &#039;doesn&#039;t permit&#039; editing this property.<BR><BR>So the admin guy said that he "set up in MTS" to which I replied "er...What do you mean?"<BR><BR>You might be getting the picture her, I am in the dark, and would appreciate any pointers to good tutorials,<BR><BR>TIA