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    I have made a messageboard in Access. However, it seems that in the messages, I cannot make it save White Space. I use a memo field tos tore the message example:<BR>this<BR><BR>is<BR><BR>a<BR><BR>test<BR ><BR><BR>while be displayed back as: This is a test.<BR><BR>Just like HTML i suppose.<BR><BR>Anyway to fix this in Access? I do not have a choice of what database it is put on

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    The problem does not lie with Access. It is simply to do with the way HTML renders (or does not render) Carriage Returns<BR><BR>Before displaying your message replace CrLf with <BR>.<BR><BR>ie sMessage=Replace(sMessage,vbCRLf,"<BR>")<BR><BR>Of course you could also do this before saving the message. Probably more efficient as one Replace reuired on save and none on the (hopefully) thousands of reads.<BR><BR>regards, Steve <BR><BR>

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