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    Hi There<BR><BR>Can someone tell me the role of vtable,IUnknown and I dispatch interfaces in making a COM Server function ?<BR><BR>If I create a COM server with my own functionalities and functionalities based on two different COM servers, will there be any difference in values in vtable for each of these COM Servers ?<BR><BR>Thanks <BR>Manoj<BR>

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    What language are you coding the com objects in? Just curious.<BR><BR>Information on IUnknown:<BR><BR><BR>Information on COM in general:<BR><BR><BR>IUnknown&#039s role in Automation:<BR><BR><BR>IDispatch&#039s role in Automation:<BR><BR><BR>I am not sure where info on vTable is. It&#039s role is similar to IDispatch, but it is used for early binding. Click "Show TOC" to get to the general areas from which I am posting these urls.<BR><BR>HTH<BR>

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    Vtable enables you to work on different implementations. Every COM object use IUnknown for type resolution, interface counting and releasing through Queryinterface, Addref and Release. <BR>Incase client wants to work with any object and has not binded <BR>any v table of that object in his code, that object should implement IDispatch.<BR>Coming to your problem, I think the vtable layout generated by you can be used to connect to the objects of other functionalites.<BR>bye<BR>

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