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    Hi,<BR><BR>I am trying to integrate our ASP platform with an application hosted on another server and to do this I need to send multiple HTTP requests hidden from the user. (when user submit the form they won&#039;t be able to see the request on the address bar). For multiple packets I will need to keep the TCP/IP connection opened. (the other server is using JSP)<BR><BR>While looking into it I came accross XML, going through the MS-XML ServerXMLHTTP, and WinHTTP v5.0 (a component), it sounds a bit complicated, is there an easier way? <BR><BR>Can someone point me to the right direction please?<BR><BR>Many thanks<BR><BR>James

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    Default XMLHTTP is really quite easy

    See here, for example:<BR><BR><BR>But part of your post makes no sense. <BR><BR>First you say "...I need to send multiple HTTP requests...".<BR><BR>And then you say "...I will need to keep the TCP/IP connection opened."<BR><BR>Huh? The HTTP protocol doesn&#039;t support that. An HTTP request is strictly a one-time Request-Response protocol. You send one request. You get back one response. And then the server forgets all about your request. <BR><BR>So are you sure you are talking about HTTP???<BR><BR>Oh...and you don&#039;t *HAVE* to use XMLHTTP to get XML from the other end. If the other end is replying with just plain text (or standard HTML) that&#039;s just fine. It&#039;s just that if it *does* reply with XML, then XMLHTTP is ready to pass it on for further XML processing.<BR><BR>

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