I am planning a project for an employer that involves:<BR>1.) inserting data from a SQL Server database on the web server into a FileMaker Pro database in the company intranet<BR>2.) creating a "button" to transfer a specific record from one FileMaker Pro database to another when the database user deems it appropriate to do so<BR><BR>The FileMaker Pro databases are flat file databases, and I am not going to get the budget to upgrade them to a relational model. Also, they are on Windows machines, so I am hoping that I can use VB with them.<BR><BR>I want to have a computer on the intranet grab new records from the remote web server database and insert those new records into the flat file FileMaker Pro database. These are not server versions of the Windows OS. They might or might not be professional versions. They are on a network, though.<BR><BR>Is there a Task Manager in the non-server versions of Windows that I can use to schedule routine data grab jobs? And if so, is it only present in the professional version? Or is it present in other versions like win98 or win2k-home version?<BR><BR>Beyond the task manager, how do I get data into a flat file database? Does anyone have an article they can point me to or advice they can share? It&#039;s one thing to reference a database name and a table name in a relational database, but how do the rules change if it is a flat file database like FileMaker Pro?<BR><BR>Also, I want to do this using ODBC. This is probably an older version of FileMaker that does not support XML. And I do not want to do XML anyway because I am only a novice at XML and want to minimize what I need to learn.<BR><BR>Finally, I imagine the second requirement of automatically transfering specific individual records from one FileMaker Pro database to another FileMaker Pro database will be partially answered by your answers to the questions above. Does anyone a good discussion forum or article databank for FileMaker pro issues? The Filemaker.com web site seems kind of unwieldy to navigate.<BR><BR>thanks in advance.