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    Greetings,<BR><BR>I created a simple ASP for searching in an Access database.The Access DB contains a table named &#039;Computer&#039; and it has a field called &#039;PO&#039;.My ASP searches through the Access database by the &#039;PO&#039;.I am wondering if there&#039;s possible to do a multiple searching by &#039;PO&#039;.I mean the user can input multiple &#039;po&#039; then my ASP will return all the records match those &#039;PO&#039;. I am not sure how Access handle the multiple searching and what kind changes I need to make on my ASP.<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR><BR><BR>Mark

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    Default Not really advanced.

    Post this in the ASP Q&A forum (or even DB Forum) and we&#039;ll help you there!

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    How are you going to let the user input multiple fields? will they use commas inbetween the pos. Then use these to parse the multiple po&#039;s and the query can then read "where Po = "123" or Po = "456" etc.

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