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Thread: Does IE5.0 support xsl

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    Does IE5.0 support XSLT ? I have a xsl file which is working well in IE6.0 and what else may be the problem ?<BR>

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    I found this posted at<BR><BR>"XSL in Internet Explorer 5 is NOT compatible with the official W3C XSL Recommendation.<BR><BR>When Internet Explorer 5.0 was released in March 1999, the XSL standard was still a W3C Working Draft.<BR><BR>Since the final W3C XSL Recommendation is different from the Working Draft, the support for XSL in IE 5 is not 100% compatible with the official XSL standard.<BR><BR>This restriction applies to both IE 5.0 and IE 5.5."<BR><BR>

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