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    &#039;conString = "Driver={Mysql};Server=localhost; Database=intranet;UID=citylink; PWD=city12017;"<BR><BR>I know this is very simple question but I just can&#039;t understand it. The above is used by the existing web developer, so I didn&#039;t touch it. Right now, the location of the server which hold mysql has changed from there (somewhere far) to here (local).<BR><BR>Over there, they use mysql and over here also use mysql. So, back the this above connection code, I believe the driver value remain right? And the database&#039;s name should be the same because that side send the schema and dump the whole db to here.<BR><BR>Now, just hope to know that should I put for <BR>1. Server<BR>2. UID<BR>3. PWD<BR><BR>Is this UID and PWD refer to user name and password(attachment, my_mysql2.gif) and server refer also to hostname (in attachment, my_mysql2.gif)?<BR><BR>I&#039;m totally blur about this to my ashamed. Thanks for all help.<BR><BR>First attachment<BR>my_mysql2.gif

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    Default try this

    conString = "Driver={Mysql};Server=localhost; Database=intranet;UID=root; PWD=root;"<BR><BR>Exactly as is, hope that helps!<BR>D.

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