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    Default Help! Easy .asp question

    I have a page that queries an access db and produces results.<BR><BR>I need to link to that page with a speicif querey. I think the way to do it is:<BR><BR><BR><BR>is that right? Doens&#039;t seem to be working.<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    Default The problem is on line 935...

    ...where you have an asterisk instead of an octothorp.<BR><BR>No? No linke 935?<BR><BR>Darn. My crystal ball is on the blink again.<BR><BR>I guess you&#039;ll have to show us your code, unless your mental telepathy is better than mine.<BR><BR>Oh...and "doesn&#039;t seem to be working" isn&#039;t exactly a really descriptive explanation of the problem. For all we know, you misspelled "field" as "filed" (as you did in what you posted here).<BR><BR>

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