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    This is a weird question. I have a database that has names, addresses and phone numbers. There are two phone number fields. Some names have no phone numbers, some have one and some have two. I&#039;m sure some of you have more than one phone number. I know I do.<BR><BR>My client needs to periodically print out a list of all the phone numbers in the database. Is there a way to do a search in SQL where the two phone number fields are returned as if they&#039;re the same field, and if a record has a number in both phone fields, that record is returned twice, once for each phone number?

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    Having a record returned twice wouldn&#039;t be a problem, you could use a union query.. and combining the fields to appear as one wouldn&#039;t be a problem, just a little VBS, but I don&#039;t understand why you would want to do both.

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