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    Mark Newfield Guest

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    I have a asp page that prompts the user for a logon name and password. This screen posts to a validation page that either displays a message saying that the logon is incorrect or, here is the hard part, launches a new browser displaying the next page leaving the other browser open on a seperate page. <BR><BR>I can not figure out how to launch the new browser. Can this be done with server side script? Can I use an event on the client page?<BR><BR>Can any one help me? I have been stuck on this for a week! Any help appreciated. Can you please reply to<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>

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    You could try opening the new window using"URL", "window name") in javascript. Hope that helps!<BR><BR>Kaustubh :)

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    Mark Newfield Guest

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    Tried it. This doesn&#039t work server side. Any more ideas?

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