I have an application in VS.net, with its main being show_all.aspx. I specify the code-behind as follows at the top of the page:<BR>&#060;%@ Page Language="vb" Codebehind="show_all.aspx.vb" Inherits="tutors.show_all "%&#062;<BR><BR>I keep getting this error: Could not load type &#039;tutors.show_all&#039;.<BR><BR>In terms of debugging, I have told VS.net to rebuild the solution, and I&#039;ve fixed a namespace error or two. Now, the debugging says there are no longer any errors in my show_all.aspx.vb page, and Tutors is configured as an application in IIS. On top of all that, I see the tutors.dll file in my &#039;bin&#039; directory hasn&#039;t been modified in quite some time, suggesting that my compilation is not having any effect on the bin directory.<BR><BR>Anyone know what I&#039;m doing wrong? Help tremendously appreciated.