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    Hi,<BR><BR>OK, I&#039;ve got a datagrid which is populated on page load with an "If Page.IsPostBack = False Then" clause so it should only populate when the page first loads. It&#039;s EnableViewstate is set to true.<BR><BR>The datagrid contains a button which, when clicked, causes the button to be removed and replaced with a dropdownlist control. This dropdownlist control has a selectedindexchanged event which causes various things to happen, including a label on the screen changing. Of course, for this to work, the dropdownlist has autopostback set to true.<BR><BR>What&#039;s happening is that the datagrid displays fine at first, and is correctly maintained when the user clicks a button and has the dropdownlist appear. However, when the selectedindexchanged even is fired the datagrid vanishes. It also fails to change the label, or even cause a response.write. However, other elements on the page (such as a button) remain unchanged. <BR><BR>I know this is a postback issue. But I don&#039;t know how to solve it!

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    I am having a similar problem. And am looking for an answer here, too. You might want to keep an eye on "IsPostBack Conflict" and I will watch here.

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