Looking for an serious and experienced ASP SQL Programmer /team to build a major freight matching site which will include complicated searches and masses of data and information.... you can use ASP.net<BR><BR>for competitor sites please check:<BR><BR>getloaded.com<BR>trucker1.com<BR><BR >Please note - I expect something much much better..<BR><BR>I already have the plan for the site now need someone to start <BR>programming.<BR><BR>If you can&#039;t accept credit cards online [not pay pal] then you must be located in the states. because we will be sending checks/<BR><BR>You have and have a lot of experience with db oriented web sites.<BR><BR>There is a plenty of work to be done and if you&#039;ll get the job you&#039;ll have a very long lasting project.<BR><BR>ALthough it&#039;s not going to be a full time thing.. at first I need programmers who can get it done - that the I&#039;ll do it tomorrow type of <BR><BR>I own http://www.FindSP.com - have a look, at the site - I expect the programmer to be able to build something like this from scratch easily...<BR><BR>Again - I&#039;m not looking for newbies.. only serious programmers with lots of experience...<BR><BR>Please contact me ASAP for more info - attach your cv and URLs to samples of your work..<BR><BR>Looking forward hearing from you.<BR><BR><BR>P.s I don&#039;t care if you&#039;re a high school dropout or a pHD that doesn&#039;t matter - you need to be fantastic programmer and that&#039;s all I care about!<BR><BR><BR>Email: lonny@findsp.com<BR><BR>Contact me ASAP regarding this project - got domain and design ready now we need the site programmed.