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    Hi.<BR><BR> I want to create a keyword search. I would like an advice wheather the method iam going to use is good enough or i should try something else.???<BR><BR> There is a database field [[keyword]] filled by users saperated by comma.<BR><BR> i.e Asp,VB,Javascript,COM,Flash,...etc..<BR> <BR> searchword=request.form("search")<BR> <BR> Would it be better if i use split and<BR><BR> trycompare=strcomp(searchword,rs(0))<BR><BR> And fetch the records for display or there is some other<BR> better option. because Records are Huge in Numbers..<BR><BR> <BR> Thanks & Regards

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    Default more like this

    where Column like &#039;" & replace(request.form("search"), ",", "&#039;,&#039;"<BR> & "&#039;"<BR><BR><BR>the only issue is if you have a , in any of your keyword<BR><BR>and if they are "huge in numbers" you MAy think of indexing that column IF you can that is or jsut use the full text search of SQL Server<BR><BR>

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