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    Default .asp vs .inc

    When should I use .inc files and when should I use .asp file.<BR>Are .asp files more efficient in IIS?

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    I&#039;d say always use .asp files as includes. That way when script-kiddies try to access your includes the file will have to run through the servers asp engine, thereby hiding your lovely code from prying eyes...<BR>Security man!<BR><BR>sal X

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    Default Neither are more efficient.

    It comes down to a matter of security. But, even that can be overcome -- if you want to use .INC for clarity (I don&#039;t know why you don&#039;t just put them into an "Includes" folder, but anyway) just tie them to the ASP.DLL in IIS.<BR><BR>That way they are processed, as if, they are ASP files. And your script source is secure.

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