Hi! <BR> I&#039;ve been using Office 2K Web Comps to generate graphs from data returned from OLAP MDX queries to MS Analysis Server. I use ADODB Recordset to specify as the ChartSpace&#039;s DataSource. <BR> I tried to migrate to Office XP Web Components but, it gives Runtime ASP Error "Invalid procedure call or argument" at the line where I am setting the data of the chSeries using setData method. I use:<BR><BR> 1: Set oSeries = oBarChart.SeriesCollection.Add<BR> 2: oSeries.SetData oConst.chDimCategories, 0, 0<BR> 3: oSeries.SetData oConst.chDimValues, 0, 1<BR> 4: oSeries.Caption = Month(curr_minus2_Month)<BR><BR>The ASP throws a runtime ASP Error at line 2. I would be grateful if anybody could suggest why this is happening. I looked up MS knowledge base and they&#039;ve specified that the data binding works in O XP Web Comps just the way it does in O 2K Web Comps.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Nikhil.