Hi,<BR> I have a asp.net application which is using Sqlserver2000. It is working fine with sqlserver password authentication. My DBA cahnged the authentication to WIN NT.<BR> Now my application is not working. What should i cahnge in the connection string to work with sql server.<BR>Before i was using this connection string<BR>"Data Provider=SQLOLEDB;Provider=MSDataShape;server=data base;database=Diginewz UID=sa; pwd=xxxx"<BR><BR>After change using<BR>"Data Provider=SQLOLEDB;Provider=MSDataShape;Integrated Security=SSPI;server=database;database=Diginewz"<B R><BR>This is working fine on IIS M/C (Computer)(Here IIS server & Database server is on diffrent M/C). But If I try from other M/C connection becomes fail.<BR><BR>Pl. help me.