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    Hi there<BR>I am trying to include style sheets to my web pages ,they are working fine with ie but not with netscape can anybody tell me how to make it work in both.<BR>thanx in advance

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    It should work in both Netscape and IE. There are many styles that only work in IE and not in Netscape. What styles did you define?

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    Unfortunately Netscape is very picky about certain things compared to IE. And one of those things is Style Sheets. Until there is some sort of standard agreed upon by the two browsers there will always be some impatibility issues. I know that Netscape doesn&#039t interpret a:hover and layers are also a problem as well. If your style sheets are that necessary in your design I would recommend developing one page for IE and one for Netscape. Seems like a real pain but that is the best way to do it right now.

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