Hi gang. I have a file with "Response.ContentType = "application/vnd.ms-excel". I simply want to show a recordset in "excel" format. There is no HTML &#060;body&#062; , &#060;head&#062; etc. tags. This file opens in a new window. Before the file opens, I get a message from the Internet Explorer Browser (javaScript Type Alert) stating, "Microsoft Excel Cannot access the File "url". There are several possible reasons.<BR>1. The file name or path does not exist<BR>2. The file your trying to open is being used by another program.<BR>3. The name of the workbook your trying to save is the same as the name of another document that is read-only.<BR><BR>I have never seen this message before? If I click ok in the message box, the file does open as Excel in the browser window? Any ideas?<BR>Thanks. David<BR>