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    I&#039;m currently creating an ASP page that has a list of headings. When the user clicks on each heading the ASP displays a number of sub categories. When the user clicks on these the ASP displays a number of input objects for each category. I do this by setting the show/hide styles for each table row using JavaScript.<BR><BR>The problem occurs after heading 6. The problem is that all items that should be hidden are displayed and whenever I click on one of these I get the error: &#039;document.styleSheets.hidesubsection&#039; is null or not an object. However, upon looking at the source the style sections are there in between the head tags and the HTML all appears to be OK. <BR><BR>Does anyone know how I can solve this problem?<BR><BR>TIA<BR>Graham

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    Default Not Advanced. Not even ASP!

    Try posting the relevant code in the HTML Q&A section.

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