Greetings,<BR><BR>I normaly use a Dutch date-format in my webpages. First this gave problems when putting date&#039s into a database. While 2/1/2000 meant the second day of the first month, it was put in the database as ther first day of February. I found out this can be corrected by using ADO like this (rs is the recordset...):<BR>rs("DateField") = CDate(InputDate)<BR>and not just<BR>rs("DateField") = InputDate<BR><BR>But when searching for a date this doesn&#039t work.<BR>rs.Filter = "DateField &#060; " & InputDate<BR>searches for the wrong date just as<BR>rs.Filter = "DateField &#060; " & CDate(InputDate)<BR>or <BR>rs.Filter = "DateField &#060; #" & InputDate & "#"<BR><BR>Does anybody know a foolproof solution to my problem?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Bart<BR><BR>P.S.: To make sure my scripts work in Belgian Dutch dateformat i use<BR>Session.LCID = 2067