Hi,<BR><BR>I found the TimeZone abstract class.<BR><BR>It would be nice if the DateTime Structure had a timezone enum that allowed you to switch back and forth between zones and change the date and time accordingly along with a timezone property that would return a reference to a timezoneinfo structure or something.<BR><BR>My requirment is :<BR>My clients need to see the datatime in their local timezone. So whenever my client registers I am getting their timezone value and saving it in Database. But my server is in California. Is there any method to show the datatime of clients local time.<BR><BR>If the client is accessing my site from UK, the datatime should be 4-April-2003 4:00 AM<BR>Indian clients should get 4-April-2003 9:30 AM<BR>Milwaukie people should be able to see 3-April-2003 10:30 PM<BR><BR>Please help me.<BR><BR>Murali.