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    Very new to this! I am curious what is the best way to display multiple SQL Count Functions. I am currently displaying these results in multiple datagrids which I am sure is not very efficent. The results are accurate but the headers(i guess these are headers are not very informative):<BR><BR>Expr1000 &#060;- ie..I would this to say ticket count for kansas<BR>369 <BR>Expr1000 <BR>353 <BR>Expr1000 <BR>119 <BR><BR>If anyone could point me in the direction I should go. I have researched this site and see arrays, templates, autogenerate = false etc...I just am at a loss! <BR><BR>Thank You,<BR>Keith

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    Default Us an ALIAS in your SQL

    SELECT Count(Kansas) AS [Ticket Count for Kansas] ...<BR><BR>In SQL Server, you might want to use "..." instead of [...] when you put spaces, etc., into names.<BR><BR>

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