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    I am doing classical ASP for a project at work and I need to call a function from another asp page.<BR>I used an include like this<BR>&#060;!--#include file="common/DetermineTable.asp"--&#062;<BR>This file has a function which determines if I should query Table A or Table B based on dates that I am passing.<BR>My function is<BR>DetermineTable(qsstartdate, qsenddate)<BR><BR>In my other page I call it like this<BR><BR>bolWhichTable = DetermineTable(qsStartDate, qsEndDate)<BR><BR>I get the following error:<BR>Microsoft VBScript runtime error &#039;800a000d&#039; <BR><BR>Type mismatch: &#039;DetermineTable&#039; <BR><BR>The two parameters that I am passing are dates.<BR><BR>Can you please help!?<BR>Thanks

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    Default Show the code for the function

    and where are you getting the values you are passing? Are you sure there isn&#039;t a case where they are null?

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