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Thread: trouble with line of code - please help

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    Default trouble with line of code - please help

    &#060;input type=button name=NewProject id=NewProject onclick="&#060;%=AttorneyNotification.asp%&#062;?O fficeId=&#060;%=Request("officeid")%&#062;&Emplid= &#060;%=Request("Emplid")%&#062;" value="New Project"&#062;<BR><BR><BR>Can you tell what&#039;s wrong?

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    Default Code makes no sense.

    Have you brought up that page *IN THE BROWSER* and then done<BR>-- Click on VIEW menu<BR>-- Click on SOURCE menu item<BR>???<BR><BR>If not, go do so now. Look at the HTML you are creating. Does it even begin to make sense to you?<BR><BR>Ehhh...but actually, you probably aren&#039;t getting that far, are you? Your getting an "object required" error on the <BR> AttorneyNotication.asp<BR>part. Because VBS thinks you are trying to invoke the "asp" *METHOD" on the "AttorneyNotification" object, and of course you have neither one.<BR><BR>Why did you think that you could simply put the URL of a new page into the onClick of a button and have it magically appear?<BR><BR>Could you show your entire &#060;FORM&#062;? From the &#060;FORM&#062; to the &#060;/FORM&#062;?<BR><BR>

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