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    I have an SSL site..within this site, I need to turn off SSL on a viewattachment page. For security reasons, I must now set the option "Do not save encyrpted pages to disk" and I as a result can not open my attachment page. <BR>Is this possible to turn SSl off on a page?..I tried Request.ServerVariables("HTTPS")= "off" but it doesn&#039;t work...Besides using the full url to that page i.e., any other ideas?

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    Hi Nina<BR>I found this on a website<BR>I hope this is what u wanted.<BR><BR>When you install a Certificate on a computer running Microsoft Internet Information Server, there will be no indication of an error. However, HTTPS access will not be possible. Turning off the "Require secure channel SSL" option in the Microsoft Internet Service Manager and stopping and restarting the service enables access through HTTP. <BR> THanks<BR><BR>Sirish

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