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    I have 4 dynamically created drop down boxes within a placeholder. How can i reference these drop down boxes&#039; values. I wanna be able to get each from each drop down box. This is how I created my drop down boxes within the placeholder:<BR> For i = 0 To dst.Tables(0).Rows.Count - 1<BR> Dim dd As New DropDownList()<BR> cmdObject.CommandText = sql<BR> dr1 = cmdTKP.ExecuteReader<BR> dd.DataSource = dr1<BR> dd.DataTextField = "strName"<BR> dd.DataValueField = "ID"<BR> dd.DataBind()<BR> dd.SelectedIndex = i<BR> placeHolderObject.Controls.Add(dd)<BR> dr1.Close()<BR> Next<BR>Thx for your help

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    If you do not set the ID property of a control, you can obtain a reference to the control through its parent control&#039;s Controls property.<BR>placeHolderObject.Controls(0).Selecte dIndex

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