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    I&#039;ve been seing a lot of pages recently that are using a methodology where a single page, usually called article.* or modules.* is used to call other pages with a &#039;get&#039; variable passed telling what page to load. I&#039;ve been trying to figure out this methodology myself, having gone to every bookstore in my area and comming home without a clue, I&#039;m still at a loss. <BR>First, is it possible for MS SQL 7 to store the name of a function and then fire that function while still on the server (not very likely I think)? Second, is there an alternative to haveing a massive select statement, with a case for every different page? Thanx.<BR>-AP

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    Personally, I think this makes a site very hard to manage, and exceptionally hard to conceptually code.<BR><BR>However, you could probably use a mixture of DLL files and SELECT CASE statements to do this logic.<BR><BR>Craig.

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