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    Default Close Form Event in Access

    In Access 2000, In my new product form, when the user clicks the "x" in the top right hand corner, I would like to be able to disregard any changes made so far and close the form. Currently, if any changes are made on fields that require values, a message states that the changes cannot be saved. (I don&#039;t want this message). The docmd does not work in this situation. I have a close button on the form that works find using two docmd methods. How can I get the close ("x") button to function the same way.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default What does you Close button do?

    What docmd&#039;s are you using?<BR><BR>Alternatively, you might try and set the OldValues of the relevant fields:<BR><BR>TheForm.TheField.Value = TheForm.TheField.OldValue<BR><BR>Oliver.

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