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    I am completely new to ASP. However, i have this project i am working on, and i have mentioned the things i need to accomplish below. I would greatly appreciate any advice or help towards some good resources. <BR><BR>The books that i have at my disposal are:<BR>Active server pages 2.0 Pro, Sams teach your self asp in 24 hours. I also have javascript and html books (if that helps)<BR><BR>Background:<BR>I am trying to build a a webpage, where people will log in and then at the click of a button files are going to be sent back and forth between the client and server. (The user does not choose the files, but they are located in a certain dir which we just download from and upload to). I know exactly where the files will be in.. the exact directory structure. The files will be in multiple folders within the particular directory ( i know the names of the folders). The files will then be zipped up (probably across all the folders) and then transfered to the server. On the server side: the appropriate files will be uploaded onto the clients pc. All this will be done in SSL. <BR><BR>Questions:<BR>1. I know where the files are. How do i go about changing the directory on the client side to get into the right directory? How do i do the same thing on the server side? I was looking at FilesSystemObject but haven&#039;t had any luck with it. Any idea&#039;s appreciated.<BR><BR>2. I looked into trying to uploaddownload the files. However, from the books i have at my disposal, i can not find anything related to this. How would i go about doing something like this. Any books/websites/resources on this would be very helpful.<BR><BR>3. I need to zip and unzip files. I foundt he function dozip() fo zipping up files, however, have not found anything on unzipping. Any function or such i should be looking for in particular?<BR><BR>Your help would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR>

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    Default Several impossible things

    (1) You can NOT choose files on the client machine to be uploaded to you. It&#039;s a security restriction.<BR><BR>If you could do that, then every hacker site in the world would offer something free just to be able to upload all the registry files, password files, bank record files, you name it!<BR><BR>(2) You can NOT choose WHERE a downloaded file will be saved on the client machine. You can&#039;t even force it to *be* downloaded. Again, security. How do you think really ugly viruses get started?<BR><BR>*******<BR><BR>The only way you are going to accomplish this stuff is to install a program on the user&#039;s computer that will bypass all the security. To do that, you have to convince idiot users to allow you to breach all their security. Undoubtedly, there are some poor suckers who will do so. Not too many who have a modicum of computer sense are going to, though.<BR><BR>

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