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    I know that you can do this through Perl using the LWP mod but can it be done with ASP?<BR><BR>What I want to do is grab a .zip or .sit file from one server through a link on that site and store it on my server. The Perl code looks like this..<BR><BR>#!/usr/bin/perl<BR><BR>use LWP::UserAgent;<BR> my $ua = LWP::UserAgent-&#062;new(env_proxy =&#062; 1,<BR> keep_alive =&#062; 1,<BR> timeout =&#062; 5000,<BR> );<BR><BR> my $req = new HTTP::Request &#039;GET&#039;,<BR> &#039;;;<BR> $res = $ua-&#062;request($req, "myth/maps/");<BR> if ($res-&#062;is_success) {<BR> print "ok
    ";<BR> }<BR><BR><BR>Thought I would put up the Perl code incase some of you might understand it. Anyway any help would be great or even links that point to where I can find out about information on this. I would like to do it in pure ASP and not a app.<BR><BR>Thanks for your time in this matter for me..<BR><BR>Stephen

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    Default You need a component...

    PHP is actually using a component there when it does<BR> use LWP::UserAgent;<BR><BR>it&#039;s just that PHP components have to be built in, so pretty much of necessity they include the entire kitchen sink.<BR><BR>ASP allows you to load any components you want dynamically (that is, as ActiveX DLLs), by name, so much less is "built in."<BR><BR>Go look at to see what FTP components are available at what cost. I *think* there are a couple of freebie ones. [You could also use a generic socket component, kind of like that ugly "new HTTP::Request" PHP code. Shudder. But why do that if you can use a component especially designed for FTP?]<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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