I have a page that has 9 panels. Panel 1 is displayed with a dropdown list and several other controls. Based on what is selected in the dropdown one of the other eight panels is displayed when a submit button is clicked. This page in all cases has at least 5 more controls (textboxes and one dropdownlist). I validate this page and then submit it again. Both submits are just posted back to the same page as I&#039;m using the ASP.net web controls. On the second submit I am trying to loop through my controls. In classic ASP you just did the<BR>For each item in Collection looping construct. I&#039;ve found some code elsewhere that say I should be able to do this<BR><BR>Dim myForm As Control = Page.FindControl("form1") <BR>Dim ctl As Control <BR><BR>For Each ctl In myForm.Controls <BR><BR>If ctl.GetType().ToString().Equals("System.Web.UI.Web Controls.TextBox") Then <BR><BR>CType(ctl, TextBox).Text = "" <BR><BR>End If