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    New to Asp and web programing - Have programed in visual foxpro.<BR>The web pages so far have been with a text editor. In the end I would like to be working with databases on the web. Would Lke to know if there is a good software package to use that will let you insert your asp and any other custom procedures. Will any of the visual foxpro language be able to use. Would sure like to use the data files.<BR>Thanks

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    FrontPage, VisualStudio, DreamWeaver, and various independents have quite useful ASP editors.<BR><BR>What you really want is a *good* HTML designer that will allow you to slip your ASP code in place without mucking up the ASP. I highly recommend you do all your HTML design first--putting in dummy data in place of what you will later have the ASP generate--and then come back and make the fewest changes you can to slip in the ASP.<BR><BR>As for using FoxPro: Sure! But only as a database, via SQL coding. You just open it via an ODBC or JET OLE DB connection and treat it same as any other DB.<BR><BR>

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