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    I found out what the 10.5 GB file is on our server. It&#039;s a a SQL backup of our database. SQL Server is set to append the file everytime it backs up. The backup is 55.5 MB, so everytime it backs up, it adds that much to the file.<BR><BR>Again, I&#039;m not an IT person, so I don&#039;t know much about this stuff. But couldn&#039;t I just backup that 10.5 GB file and then delete it from the system? Then the SQL Server backup would just recreate the file, but now only 55.5 MB large.<BR><BR>If we ever needed a really old backup, then we could always go to the tape, but otherwsie the new backup would work just fine and free up 10.5 GB. Am I right? I&#039;m not going to do it, but this sounds right to me.<BR><BR>Wil<BR>

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    I would think that if 55.5mb DB has backed up into a 10.5GB then a new backup is in order.<BR>Set to overwrite then it should delete the 10.5 GB <BR>Ok I&#039;m cautious about the DB and Backups but that is extreme

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