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    The<BR>I am querying a database.<BR>Dates are stored in the format yyyy-mm-dd.<BR>The settings on the Database server in regional settings are<BR>short date: yyyy-mm-dd The web server has the exact same setting set in regional setting. These are both the short dates.<BR>I have tried to change the long date format on both serversto the same as short date but no matter what the dates always revert to the dd/mm/yy format.<BR><BR>This is driving me crazy.<BR><BR>any help would be appreciated.<BR><BR>thanx,<BR><BR>nick

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    Default ASPFAQs, category Dates and Times

    There is a link to the ASPFAQs at the top right corner of this very page.<BR><BR>Look in the category noted in the subject line of this message for your question.<BR><BR>The ASPFAQs are your friends. Learn to like your friends.<BR><BR>I wrote one of those ASPFAQs *just for you*, as it turns out.<BR><BR>

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