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    Default session variable

    I am trying to set session variable directly hardcoded on one of my ASP pages. I am guessing the default session length on the server is 20 minutes, but I think I am wrong. Well, when a user hits 1 form on one of my asp pages they keep getting kicked out of a login area because the seesions arent log enough. I dont have access to the server, so is theire a way I can manually set the session on the page, such as:<BR><BR>SET session("profile") timeout = &#039;20&#039;<BR><BR>&#039;Or something like this?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default To set the timeout (in minutes!)... the following:<BR><BR>&#060;%Session.Timeout = 5%&#062;<BR><BR>This sets the timeout to 5 minutes.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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