Dear all,<BR><BR>I have installed the Aspexec.dll and I can run the MS command ( e.g copy, move ). However, when I try to execute a 3rd party execute file, there are errors.<BR><BR>Error Message:<BR>C:WINNTsystem32&#062;cd "\" <BR><BR>;inituser.exe<BR>Er ror creating key container!<BR><BR>;wait01.e xe payroll.txt johnny.txt 123 encrypt <BR>Error creating key container!<BR>Error during CryptAcquireContext!Error during CryptCreateHash<BR><BR>I have tried to execute the batch file in Dos prompt of my NT server and it is successful. I have no idea of "Error creating key container!". <BR><BR>Can anyone help me?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Johnny<BR>