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    Hi,<BR><BR>Currently I have been using ASP 3.0 and I have been <BR>writing a web site to display English or Chinese <BR>information. Those information in both language is stored <BR>in database and I&#039;m using UTF-8 to display them. <BR><BR>But I notice that when I use a new PC with Window XP, <BR>those information with Chinese character is not shown <BR>properly on Internet Explorer browser. Would appreciate if <BR>anyone can tell me that whether is it because the Language <BR>Encoding for Chinese is not installed. Thanks.<BR>If it is really bcause of the language encoding not be <BR>installed, would appreciate if anyone can tell me is there <BR>any function that I can call in order to detect/check <BR>whether the required language encoding is installed. <BR>Thanks a lot.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Koo

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    Default In MSIE...

    ...just click on the VIEW menu.<BR><BR>Then on the "Encoding" menu item.<BR><BR>If see Chinese (either "Chinese Simplified" or "Chinese Traditional") in the list of encodings there, then presumably it is installed on your machine.<BR><BR>If you don&#039;t see the one you want in the list, click on the "More" at the bottom of the list and then on the encoding you want to install in the list that appears.<BR><BR>It may tell you that you need to install a language pack. Click on "INSTALL" and see what happens.<BR><BR>

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