I read the atricle "Dynamic controls in ASP.NET" and it gave me some insight. But it stopped just short of what I needed. <BR><BR>I am building a survey with asp.net.I have a bunch of tables. The end result is a stored procedure which calls the tblQuestions table in a SQL database. It loads the relevent questions into labels that are preceded by a radiobuttonlist containg 5 possible choices for each loaded questionlabel. I need to store the relevent data into a tblAnswers table in the same database. What I could use to know is, how do I retain the values stored in the answerfield(radiobuttonlist selecteditem.text). I tried putting a test button and a test label on the page to indicate the selected value, but nothing comes of it.Since there is not object dimensioned at design time, there is no varialbe to hold the value. I need to put the selected value into another table and keep that value associated with the id of the pertaing question. Any pointers or thought would be greatly appriciated.