Hi All, <BR><BR>I am calling a sybase stored proc(in .net environment) which expects 1 input parameter. I am using coomand object to set the value of the parameter. I can see the value of the parameter has been set but when it finally execute the stored procedure nothing <BR>is passed so I don&#039;t get anything back. Any help will be appreciated. <BR><BR>Here is the code if you need to look at the code <BR><BR>OdbcDataReader dr ; <BR>string strSQL = "proc_tk_get_smdb_info1 "; <BR><BR>OdbcCommand myCmd = new OdbcCommand(); <BR>myCmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure; <BR>myCmd.CommandText = strSQL; <BR>myCmd.CommandTimeout = 25; <BR><BR>OdbcParameter param1 = new OdbcParameter(); <BR>param1.Direction = ParameterDirection.InputOutput; <BR>param1.Value = ml_sec_nbr.Value.ToString(); <BR>param1.ParameterName = "@ml_sec_nbr"; <BR>param1.OdbcType = OdbcType.Char; <BR>param1.Size = 5; <BR><BR>myCmd.Parameters.Add(param1); <BR><BR>try <BR> { <BR> myCmd.Connection = new OdbcConnection(System.Configuration.ConfigurationS ettings.AppSettings["conn"]); <BR> myCmd.Connection.Open(); <BR> dr = myCmd.ExecuteReader(); <BR> //it always go to else part <BR> if (dr.Read()) <BR> cusip_number.Value = dr["cusip"].ToString(); <BR> else <BR> lblcusip_number.Text = "No match found for security Number " + ml_sec_nbr.Value.ToString(); <BR><BR> dr.Close(); <BR> dr = null; <BR> myCmd.Connection.Close(); <BR> } <BR>catch ( Exception ex) <BR> { <BR> Response.Write(ex.Message); <BR> } <BR>