I have some items in a database that have a SORTID field which holds the display order of the items. The user has the ability to "cut" and "paste" items. I have some workable code right now, but it&#039;s ugly, so I&#039;m looking for some input into what would be the best approach. The items are part of groups, and when and item is cut from a group, and pasted to another group, I need to insert the item into the new group at the location the user selected, as well as re-index the group that the item was cut _from_ in order to keep the SortID&#039;s sequential. Any ideas?<BR>What I&#039;m doing now:<BR>Grabbing the groupID and the SortID that the item was cut _from_ as well as the groupID and SortID the item is being pasted to.<BR>Re-indexing the group the item was cut from by looping through the records, and updating the records with sortID-1.<BR>Doing the same with the group the item was pasted _to_, but adding 1 to the SortID of all the items of that group that have a higher SortID than the item that the pasted item is being pasted to.<BR>I hope that&#039;s clear.. Basically, I need to keep all SortID&#039;s sequential for the group that was cut _from_ and pasted _to_.<BR>Like I said, I have something workable, but it&#039;s ugly and was wondering if there are any cool programming techniques I could apply that would simplify things. Using sql server 7<BR>thx<BR>~~Chaotix