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    Default Bill, global.asa again<BR><BR>I had the SA create a virutal directory for the subfolder, since the root did not have a virtual directory. Ok, so all this is fine and dandy also there is only one global.asa in the subfolder and none exist in the root directory or any others. But.... (of course there&#039;s a but) the session was still unable to be established.<BR><BR>Am I way off the mark? Smoking crack? <BR><BR>Jake

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    Default Which subdir?

    And the root *MUST* have a virtual directory or it couldn&#039;t *BE* the root. The SA doesn&#039;t know what he/she is talking about if he/she said there wasn&#039;t one.<BR><BR>I think *maybe* (not sure) you misunderstood me.<BR><BR>I was suggesting that you already had a virtual dir for the subdir and that you should *NOT* have one there.<BR><BR>The point is: *EVERY* virtual dir becomes an "application" in the ASP sense. That is, every virtual dir has its *own set* of application variables, session variables, and GLOBAL.ASA file.<BR><BR>So if you had something like<BR> c:inetpubwwwroot &#060;&#060;--- the usual default virtual root<BR>and <BR> c:inetpubwwwrootincludes<BR><BR>Then *UNLESS* the "includes" directory was *ALSO* set up as a virtual root, then it should have shared the Application "space" (and session variables) with the top level default root.<BR><BR>Please understand how virtual roots work:<BR><BR>When a user hits your site<BR><BR>he/she will be directed to your default virtual root (e.g., c:inetpubwwwroot if nobody changes it).<BR><BR>If the user hits<BR><BR>then the web server *ASSUMES* that it will find "xyz.html" in<BR> c:inetpubwwwrootsomedir<BR><BR>*UNLESS* you have *also* set up a virtual directory named "somedir". And that virtual directory can map to *ANY* physical directory! On my home machine, for example, I have a virtual dir called "websites" (for sites that I am currently working on) that is actually at<BR> F:websites<BR><BR>So if I hit<BR> http://localhost/websites/clearviewdesign/index.html<BR>it uses the physical directory<BR> F:websitesclearviewdesign<BR><BR>But if I needed a Global.ASA file for that "clearviewdesign" that was separate from the "websites" virtual dir, then I could assign the virtual dir "clearview" to the physical dir "F:websitesclearviewdesign" and now the URL<BR> http://localhost/clearview<BR>would *NOT* be using the same "application" or Global.asa as "websites". And so it goes.<BR><BR>

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