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    This was on Radio 1 (Britain) this morning. Remix of "50 cents - In Da Club" by "50 pence". Called In Da Pub.<BR><BR>RealMedia:<BR>http://relay.tornadonetworks.net/rmstream.php?client=emap-002.4&media=audio/50_Pence-In_Da_Pub.rm<BR><BR>MP3:<BR>http://www.gabba.net/bluescreen/files/50_Pence_-_In_Da_Pub_GABBA_NET.mp3<BR><BR>Personally I reckon it&#039;s class, but maybe that&#039;s just a Brit&#039;s view.<BR><BR>Craig.

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    Default omg....

    not really a true sport here<BR><BR>but I think it *sucks*<BR><BR>anyway, not my taste...<BR><BR>/me is more alternative (guitars and stuff like that)

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    Default Very good

    I liked that too, but I agree, it helps to be a Brit.

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