I am very new to .Net Remoting and was looking at number of articles. My problem is :<BR>I have two machines Machine1 and Machine2. Suppose in Machine1 I have the Interface Library and the Interface Implementation and Server Obejct basically you can say my business rules DLL. And the Client is on Machine2 i.e. the aspx file which wants to access the dll&#039;s. Now the main concern for me is How should i add the reference of the dll on the client when it is on different machine. I was able to do it by sharing the dll folder and then adding the reference, which in my opinion is very weird solution. I dont want to share the folder or do something. I want the way how can i add a remote dll to my code and use all the business logic function residing on another machine. <BR>Scenario:<BR> <BR>(Machine1) Presentation Layer - aspx file<BR>(Machine2) Business Layer - c# dll<BR>(Machine3) DataAccess Layer - sql server<BR> <BR> Can anyone please help me with this. I am in urgent need of it. I have searched number of site and read number of articles but all in vain as all of them were working with the whole code residing on one machine.<BR> <BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>Regards,<BR>Sri