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    I&#039;m using Dreamweaver MX 6.0, with a DSNless connection to an Access db. <BR><BR>I&#039;m developing a contact form which inserts customers&#039; questions or feedback into a db table. Staff in my company can then log into a secure area of the site to view and manage all our feedback and enquiries. <BR><BR>I&#039;ve created a session variable which passes the customer&#039;s details to the following redirect page, by instantiating " Session("Contact") = Request("email") " after the " If (CStr(Request("MM_insert")) &#060;&#062; "") Then " part of my Insert behavior. <BR><BR>What I really want to do (but can&#039;t figure out) is to have my ASP app send a "thank you" email to the customer after they&#039;ve filled out the form, and also an email to the relevant people in my company to let them know that we&#039;ve had a contact enquiry. <BR><BR>Any ideas? <BR><BR>Cheers, <BR><BR>Rob

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