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    Okay this is my first post and I'm a new web design builder so this may be really simple. I'm creating a web site that will access an oracle database. I already have the web site and perl files to change and view the database but can only do so by entering my login name and password every time I wish to carry out a task. I'd like to be able to create a home page that has the Login_name and Password text feilds and a submit button (which I have done). My problem is I don't know how to ensure that once that is done, thats it I can just work though my tasks on the other page. Any ideas? Thanks

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    Default hang on......

    .... you&#039;re using Perl?<BR><BR>this is an ASP forum.<BR><BR>and I&#039;m not sure you&#039;ve explained your problem very clearly. I think what you want to do is persist the login information entered in this form across the entire Session, right?

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    Default * Crosspost from HTML.

    Please see FAQ #110 on

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